Eight Amazing Books to Help Write Your Best Life

I recently added another significant post that Pick the Brain was kind enough to publish. You can read it here:

Eight Amazing Books to Help Write Your Best Life

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How to Send Your Spirit From Zero to Sixty

How to Send Your Spirit from Zero to Sixty

Think you have a mission in life? Wondering how to find it?

Discover the joy, zest, and purpose waiting for you by creating and utilizing a Mission Statement. They’re not just for big companies, they’re for everyone who needs one.

I am grateful to Pick the Brain for publishing my recent two-part post that talks about this very issue:

How to Send Your Spirit from Zero to Sixty (Part I)

Watch for Part II tomorrow.

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How to Reframe Your Reality and Become a Ruthless Optimist

Stories are about voices; the voices inside are the ones that ultimately count.

Most people have multiple narratives inside their heads.  Before people can come to someone like me to help them tell the story of their business, their ideas, or their lives, they need to mediate among the often competing stories INSIDE.

I am grateful to Pick the Brain for publishing my recent post that talks about this very issue:


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How To Access Inner Wealth and Leave Your Poverty Mindset Behind

As you know, I am always about stories, and the most important stories are the ones we tell ourselves.

We have control over those stories, and that control to “talk back” to ourselves and substitute positive and self-kind narratives can be crucial in our life’s quality.

I am grateful to Pick the Brain for publishing my recent post:

How To Access Inner Wealth and Leave Your Poverty Mindset Behind

Blogging: Put me to work telling the story on your blog or website

I’ve just completed a terrific course, John Morrow’s Guest Blogging, and, as a result, I’m ready to help you move to the next level when it comes to telling the story of your business, writing your speech, describing your ideas, or telling the story of your life!

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Myth, Fiction, and Magic: The Best Storytelling Tools

Myth, Fiction, and Magic: The Best Storytelling Tools

Unfortunately, in our culture, we’ve completely distorted the meaning of myth.

Next time you want to say something’s mistaken in fact, just say it’s wrong, don’t say, “it’s a myth.”


Because myth is simply a term for a sort of truth that can’t be verified in the normal ways.

For example, you wouldn’t talk about “verifying” whether or not Icarus flew too close to the sun. It doesn’t matter if the story can be verified or not.

What matters, is that arrogant behavior, often brings a terrible retribution.

Now, let’s move on to “fiction”. Same issue: don’t try to “verify” it. Consider fiction as something unverifiable, but with the ability to move us and teach us in ways superior to facts.

Why do you think non-fiction authors work so diligently to make their work “creative” or “narrative” non-fiction?

They put this description in front of “non-fiction” because they know that they want their stories to leap off the page, and only the best kind of storytelling, the kind that’s “creative”, provides that kind of reader-rush.
Next time you pick up a book of that kind, note how many times authors begin with a specific event, on a specific date, with a specific person. They know that an opening like that, traditionally associated with fiction, draws a reader into even the most challenging documentary material.

So, don’t mix up factual truth with the arts of myth and fiction when it comes to telling stories. And, don’t discount the power of stories, the best bypass ever made to go directly to someone’s heart, to move a mindset.

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Reflecting and Resonating

Reflecting and Resonating

When you write something, don’t you want someone else to notice it, read it NOW, and internalize it because they’ve never read anything else like it? Of course you do.

In the natural world, something reflects something else, because the “engine” that provides the reflecting energy, such as the sun, provides all that it does NOW, in very specific and unique ways.

Everything that reflects the sun initially acts passively, taking in the sun, then passing it on.

When humans reflect ON something singular that that attracts them, the addition of the word “on” to the process indicates that they are adding an internal value to the mere accepting of an external effect. When you write something that someone reads, internalizes, recognizes urgent, unique, and specific worth to, and THEN, they put it to work for themselves or others because they add an additional value to what they’ve read, then, your material has RESONATED with them.

Accept the call to inspire someone else who then wants not only to share, but to add value to your service or information, so that they not only reflect what you write, but resonate with it.

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Lars Nielsen

The Right Storyteller + The Right Story=Success

The Right Storyteller + The Right Story=Success

Over the past weeks, I’ve stressed, as I always do, the power of stories.

Well, in this post, it’s time to mention the storyteller.

Recently, the New York Times had a thoughtful article called, “The Fall of the Pitchmen”.

You can read it here:


We can talk about the inevitable end to the “reign” of these often wonderful, singular figures, and why the choice is made to end their time of telling the “story” of their product, as opposed to the “benefits” of the product that conventional commercials stress.

But, instead, simply consider the power of the compelling storyteller wedded to a story, and how, in each case in the article, the right combination of the two moved a LOT of product.

How different is this from the politician who sells his or her narrative, and only as a subset, the political ideas he or she is in favor of?

Not much, but we can talk about that next time.

Find a compelling storyteller to tell your brand’s story, and you’re on your way.

If you’re reading this, you’ve found your storyteller, and I’m ready to tell your story.

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Mozart, Music, and Messages

I know I promised you something about politics and communication (and not a rose garden), but I had the chance to interview a very special guest on your behalf.

I couldn’t turn that opportunity down.

The New York Times had a recent article on new research that shows how specific the music-friendly parts of our brains are to musical stimuli and how separate they are from those that respond, for example, to mere sounds as well as the spoken word.

You can read more about it here:


So, who’s my guest?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Guten Abend.

Lars Nielsen: Guten Abend, Herr Mozart.

WAM: Please, call me Vulfgang.

LN: Danke.

WAM: But of course!

LN: So, Vulfgang, the New York Times has confirmed what you always knew, that parts of our minds are ready for music, and they just don’t care about anything else.

WAM: Since I am dead, I have had a good deal of time to think about this, and they are right.

LN: But let me ask you this. Do you think it’s possible that if someone’s speech is musical, with rhythm and images that don’t simply go to the brain, but go to the music circuits of our mind, that such speech could be very powerful?

WAM: Of course. When I wrote my most famous operas, I made sure that the music, how you say, reinforced the words.
LN: Well, thank you very much.

WAM: You are most welcome. Now, you must excuse me, I have tickets to Hamilton.

Well, folks, don’t just take it from me. Mozart wrote to persuade, too, and he music made his case!

Make your text musical every chance you get, and let music make the case to each and every one of the people you’re trying to reach.

And nobody can do it like Lars Nielsen Copywriting.



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Facts and Stories

Facts and Stories

This week, I read a marvelous column, again in the Chronicle of Education, about the difficulties instructors face in terms of teaching “facts”.

Here is the link:


He observed that when students brought in pre-existing “lenses” or points of view, namely their own stories that are vital to them, they tended to reject facts that do not fit those pre-existing frames of reference.

Yes, you’re right, this refusal to accept the corrections of “fact checking” should indeed remind you of voters.

So, is our answer to simply blitz the ignorant or those who disagree with us with “facts”?

No, such approaches are doomed to failure, because they involve remaking a right brain product with a left brain, linear solution.

What is to be done?

With students, as this writer points out, provide not simply “counters”, but alternative stories that may present a different frame. Students, as a result, can go through the emotional cognition of learning something that is laid alongside them, rather than as an attempted substitution.

In short, they need the conditions and space to revise their stories themselves.

Next time, I will talk about voters, as the caucuses and primaries will be upon us.

In the meantime, if you need stories for your business, because narrative drives the most inviting of business contexts, the RELATIONSHIP, remember, no one positions and crafts your story like Lars Nielsen Copywriting, providing Ultimate Effectiveness Copywriting.

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