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Eight Amazing Books to Help Write Your Best Life

I recently added another significant post that Pick the Brain was kind enough to publish. You can read it here: Eight Amazing Books to Help Write Your Best Life For more information on the connections between feelings, the written word, and how it all comes together and provides ultimate influence, contact me Lars Nielsen Copywriting!

How to Send Your Spirit From Zero to Sixty

How to Send Your Spirit from Zero to Sixty Think you have a mission in life? Wondering how to find it? Discover the joy, zest, and purpose waiting for you by creating and utilizing a Mission Statement. They’re not just for big companies, they’re for everyone who needs one. I am grateful to Pick the […]

How to Reframe Your Reality and Become a Ruthless Optimist

Stories are about voices; the voices inside are the ones that ultimately count. Most people have multiple narratives inside their heads.  Before people can come to someone like me to help them tell the story of their business, their ideas, or their lives, they need to mediate among the often competing stories INSIDE. I am […]

How To Access Inner Wealth and Leave Your Poverty Mindset Behind

As you know, I am always about stories, and the most important stories are the ones we tell ourselves. We have control over those stories, and that control to “talk back” to ourselves and substitute positive and self-kind narratives can be crucial in our life’s quality. I am grateful to Pick the Brain for publishing […]

Blogging: Put me to work telling the story on your blog or website

I’ve just completed a terrific course, John Morrow’s Guest Blogging, and, as a result, I’m ready to help you move to the next level when it comes to telling the story of your business, writing your speech, describing your ideas, or telling the story of your life! Put Lars Nielsen Copywriting to work for you […]

Myth, Fiction, and Magic: The Best Storytelling Tools

Myth, Fiction, and Magic: The Best Storytelling Tools Unfortunately, in our culture, we’ve completely distorted the meaning of myth. Next time you want to say something’s mistaken in fact, just say it’s wrong, don’t say, “it’s a myth.” Why? Because myth is simply a term for a sort of truth that can’t be verified in […]

Reflecting and Resonating

Reflecting and Resonating When you write something, don’t you want someone else to notice it, read it NOW, and internalize it because they’ve never read anything else like it? Of course you do. In the natural world, something reflects something else, because the “engine” that provides the reflecting energy, such as the sun, provides all […]

The Right Storyteller + The Right Story=Success

The Right Storyteller + The Right Story=Success Over the past weeks, I’ve stressed, as I always do, the power of stories. Well, in this post, it’s time to mention the storyteller. Recently, the New York Times had a thoughtful article called, “The Fall of the Pitchmen”. You can read it here: We can talk […]

Mozart, Music, and Messages

I know I promised you something about politics and communication (and not a rose garden), but I had the chance to interview a very special guest on your behalf. I couldn’t turn that opportunity down. The New York Times had a recent article on new research that shows how specific the music-friendly parts of our […]

Facts and Stories

Facts and Stories This week, I read a marvelous column, again in the Chronicle of Education, about the difficulties instructors face in terms of teaching “facts”. Here is the link: He observed that when students brought in pre-existing “lenses” or points of view, namely their own stories that are vital to them, they tended […]