Facts and Stories

Facts and Stories

This week, I read a marvelous column, again in the Chronicle of Education, about the difficulties instructors face in terms of teaching “facts”.

Here is the link:


He observed that when students brought in pre-existing “lenses” or points of view, namely their own stories that are vital to them, they tended to reject facts that do not fit those pre-existing frames of reference.

Yes, you’re right, this refusal to accept the corrections of “fact checking” should indeed remind you of voters.

So, is our answer to simply blitz the ignorant or those who disagree with us with “facts”?

No, such approaches are doomed to failure, because they involve remaking a right brain product with a left brain, linear solution.

What is to be done?

With students, as this writer points out, provide not simply “counters”, but alternative stories that may present a different frame. Students, as a result, can go through the emotional cognition of learning something that is laid alongside them, rather than as an attempted substitution.

In short, they need the conditions and space to revise their stories themselves.

Next time, I will talk about voters, as the caucuses and primaries will be upon us.

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