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About Lars Nielsen

I bring clients increased revenue, faster time to market,
and increased differentiation quickly, effectively, and
within budget. My adaptability, skill, and speed reduce
time to market, produce faster sales cycles, improve
operational efficiency, and maintain budget targets.

If you want to put ultimate influence to work for you in
your copy, you need someone who combines art and
science, the left brain’s reason with the story-telling,
passion-inducing capacity of the right brain.

I can make those connections for you.

After more than a decade of administrative work on Wall Street, I moved to Vermont
and started writing copy for a radio station group. I put the years of writing poetry
and fiction together with my ability to focus on customer needs to write effective
radio copy, immediately bringing down the time to market for my salespeople
whether for spec copy or the finished product that would go on the air.

After a decade of writing radio copy, I took advantage of a new opportunity, writing
solicitation letters, brochures, and grant applications for the Vermont Historical Society.

Finally, I began my own copywriting firm, Ideas That Speak, concentrating on the
non-profit sector in 2009.

After valuable experience gaining and serving clients well in the challenging
non-profit sector, I received crucial training from copywriting guru Chris
Marlow, deepening my ability to serve a wider range of clients, effectively
repurposing my skills, then rebranding by changing my company name to

Because of my administrative experience and left brain training, I know
what struggles companies face in terms of deadlines and the need for

But I also have a secret weapon.

I’m a playwright.

I use DIRECT and UNUSUAL approaches to provoke both passion and humor. Add
that below-the-line and unique force to the above-the-line experience in copywriting
and marketing, and I can bring you have a package that can make your company a

More than anything else, I know that companies need passive readers to become
passionate partners and customers. These passive readers need emotional
reasons to buy! I specialize in providing image-rich pitches that move leads in the
area of order generation; financial products; travel; insurance; communications;
dating and relationships; education; government; recreation and leisure; politics;
and speechwriting.

Put a unique combination of art and science to work for you, and speed your
prospect’s journey from observation to buying cycle completion with

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Blogging: Put me to work telling the story on your blog or website

I’ve just completed a terrific course, John Morrow’s Guest Blogging, and, as a result, I’m ready to help you move to the next level when it comes to telling the story of your business, writing your speech, describing your ideas, or telling the story of your life!

Put Lars Nielsen Copywriting to work for you today.