Reflecting and Resonating

Reflecting and Resonating

When you write something, don’t you want someone else to notice it, read it NOW, and internalize it because they’ve never read anything else like it? Of course you do.

In the natural world, something reflects something else, because the “engine” that provides the reflecting energy, such as the sun, provides all that it does NOW, in very specific and unique ways.

Everything that reflects the sun initially acts passively, taking in the sun, then passing it on.

When humans reflect ON something singular that that attracts them, the addition of the word “on” to the process indicates that they are adding an internal value to the mere accepting of an external effect. When you write something that someone reads, internalizes, recognizes urgent, unique, and specific worth to, and THEN, they put it to work for themselves or others because they add an additional value to what they’ve read, then, your material has RESONATED with them.

Accept the call to inspire someone else who then wants not only to share, but to add value to your service or information, so that they not only reflect what you write, but resonate with it.

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