Moving a prospect from prospect to customer requires picking and qualifying leads
carefully, structuring the right offer, and writing to that lead and incorporating that
offer into the most effective copy you can.

What makes copy compelling? Identifying and engaging a prospect’s core emotion.

If you can move beyond the surface objections of your prospect that usually involve
price toward a conversation around value, you are positioning your offer in a way
much more likely to succeed. You need to invoke ultimate influence to move past
individual sales with a client, toward a relationship that means long-term, repeat
business, because repeat business and referrals are the gold that you seek.

So, remember, if “copy is king”, take the royal road toward your goals of increasing
ROI, lead conversion, and customer retention, and give copy the attention and
professional treatment it deserves.

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The best message blends art and science, where art provokes emotional decisions
justified by the science of positioning your offer. Make killer conversions a habit in a
shortened sales cycle. Find out more, get a quote from me on your copywriting

Find out how dramatic copy brings dramatic results when you put your campaign in
the hands of a real dramatist, a playwright who provokes dominant emotion on the
stage and can do the same for you on the page.

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