The Right Storyteller + The Right Story=Success

The Right Storyteller + The Right Story=Success

Over the past weeks, I’ve stressed, as I always do, the power of stories.

Well, in this post, it’s time to mention the storyteller.

Recently, the New York Times had a thoughtful article called, “The Fall of the Pitchmen”.

You can read it here:

We can talk about the inevitable end to the “reign” of these often wonderful, singular figures, and why the choice is made to end their time of telling the “story” of their product, as opposed to the “benefits” of the product that conventional commercials stress.

But, instead, simply consider the power of the compelling storyteller wedded to a story, and how, in each case in the article, the right combination of the two moved a LOT of product.

How different is this from the politician who sells his or her narrative, and only as a subset, the political ideas he or she is in favor of?

Not much, but we can talk about that next time.

Find a compelling storyteller to tell your brand’s story, and you’re on your way.

If you’re reading this, you’ve found your storyteller, and I’m ready to tell your story.

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